Jimmy Jib

The Jimmy Jib Triangle is an industry standard Jib that can support any camera. Rock solid & sturdy, its modular design means it can be configured from 6 feet to 30 feet.


The Jib is built on a moveable dolly and requires around 1-2 hours to build depending on location and length. The Jib can be set-up and operated by a single operator and is equipped with a full remote, pan and tilt head.

Jib shots are the perfect addition to any production. Open with an epic entrance shot or show off the beautiful architecture of that carefully picked location. Take your audience to a higher perspective.


Triangle Jimmy Jib Length Options

Model             Reach          Height          Tail

SUPER +        24FT            30FT           6.7FT

SUPER           18FT             24FT           6.7FT

GIANT            12FT             18FT            4.1FT

STANDARD    6FT              12FT            4.1FT

Cranes are relatively simple machines, but the effect they can add to a film or a shot can make the world of the film seem much more larger then life and really draws in an audience in a way that no other shot can.


With attention to detail and a stop at nothing approach, Michael’s Jib work consistently delivers above expectations.

For a creative and knowledgeable Jib service from an experienced operator contact:

Michael Sly

Jib Operator / Jib Owner

+1 602 500 1590


Based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Travel ready.